Rules & Promises

We’ve been doing this for a while and we’ve been burned more than a few times by jerks.  We promise to be honest, polite and direct, we may not provide the feedback you want but we will not lead you on or waste your time.

Promises we intend to keep:

  • We will always respond to communication within 24 hours.
  • We will be honest, polite and direct
  • We will provide clear, thoughtful feedback
  • We will disclose any potential conflicts of interest immediately
  • We will quickly decide to move forward or not
  • If we’re not the right partner we will let you know immediately and if we can help you find the right partner we will
  • If we do decide to move forward we will continue to provide direct thoughtful feedback as we learn more
  • We will quickly provide an estimated valuation to ensure continued interest
  • We will meet all deadlines mutually established
  • We will invest with a structure that creates a win-win-win situation for the seller, for RCP and for our investors
  • Should we invest in your company we will be long term partners.
  • We will execute
  • We will keep our promises

Rules we expect you to follow:

  • No jerks, no liars
  • Don’t try to hide a bad quarter or a missed number
  • Contact us via the “connect” page so that we can ensure your message is getting received
  • Share the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Be ready to explain why you’re looking to sell
  • Be open to maintaining a position in the company in the future
  • Be aware that if you’re intending to sell and retire there will be a transition process of several months to identify and on-board new management.
  • We will perform our own in-house operational due diligence
  • We will perform our own financial due diligence and modeling in-house
  • We will handle all aspect of the financing
  • We will cover our acquisition costs and you will cover your costs

If you’d like to learn more take a look at our ramblings in thoughts or below.  If you’re ready to have a conversation go ahead and connect and we’ll give you a call.