About Us

Radical Capital Partners was founded by in 2018. It was founded out of frustration, the frustration of multiple failed business acquisitions as an independent sponsor. Despite written, or verbal agreements we had sellers back out of deals. We realized this was, in part, due to the intermediaries, the business brokers who had identified a founder and made a promise that couldn’t be fulfilled or despite the owners preference pushed their own agenda.

Radical Capital Partners was founded to create a better way.  We are looking to buy small, main street businesses that founders and families are looking to sell.  We grew up in small towns, and live and work in a small town.  We like simple straightforward businesses that have been around for a while, that solve a nagging problem, that build products that are beloved. 

RCP is an owner and an operator, we have backgrounds in management and strategy consulting and we’re looking to put the things we’ve learned to use in the companies we invest in.  We want to help your company grow and succeed because we are long term investors we’re not looking to sell your company, ever. 

If you are a business owner and are looking for help to grow and improve your business then take a look at our sister company Radical Consulting.  They may be able to help.